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The Main Requirements for Daw’ Financial grants

  1. 1. The applicant -a legal entity- must be a Saudi establishment established and registered in accordance with the applicable laws (in force) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and must have a valid Saudi commercial registration (for at least one year). It's possible for a foreign applicant to be a partner in a Saudi company or have a branch of their company established in the Kingdom or be a partner in a foreign company contracted with a Saudi entity, provided that the contract concluded between the two entities does not violate any of the regulations in force in the Kingdom.

  2. 2. The production company must be registered and licensed to produce films in Saudi.

  3. 3. The applicant must have a license from the relevant authorities to approve the script for both feature and short form films.

  4. 4. The director or producer must be either a Saudi national, born to a Saudi mother, or born in Saudi Arabia.

  5. 5. The writer of the script must be either a Saudi national, born to a Saudi mother or born in Saudi Arabia. If the co-writer for the submitted script is Saudi, they must be credited.

  6. 6. The applicant's personal information must be complete and correct. No information will be accepted from sources other than the official channels.

  7. 7. The applicant must own all intellectual property rights related to the material submitted or have been granted permission by the owner of those rights to submit the work.

  8. 8. All grants awarded by “Daw'” must be spent within Saudi Arabia, unless the genre of a story requires otherwise, according to the jury committees's assessment.

  9. 9. Ministry of Culture, Film Commission, companies involved in the project, advertising agencies, and members of the jury committees are not eligible to apply or participate in Daw'.

  10. 10. The applicant company or production team should be dedicated to this project, and proof of its ability to implement must be submitted if there are other existing projects.

  11. 11. It is required that at least 40% of the crew working in (Above-The-Line) are Saudi national, born to a Saudi mother, or born in Saudi Arabia.