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Feature Film Track

This track will target production companies or establishments that have legal entities in Saudi Arabia to produce feature films by providing grants to the following categories: fiction films, documentaries, and animated films with a minimum duration of 40 minutes.

Special Conditions for Feature Films Track

  1. The duration of the feature film must be at least 40 minutes for the entire film.
  2. The company or establishment must have produced three short films or one feature film.
  3. The director or producer must have previously directed or produced at least two short films or one feature film.
  4. The production company or establishment applying for films with a budget of more than SAR 2 million or more should have local production experience for at least 24 months.
  5. All scripts must be submitted in both Arabic and English languages.
  6. Provide proof that the production company or establishment owns copyrights relating to the film script or provide a copy of a release agreement with the owner of those rights, if any.
  7. The applicant is obliged to complete the registration form below.

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