Incentive Program

The incentive program is one of the strategic initiatives of the Film Commission to develop the film industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program aims to make the Kingdom a global destination for film production.

What does the Incentive Program Include?

  • Up to 40% cash rebate on production spend.
  • Support to get licenses and approval.
  • A variety of unique shooting locations.
  • A database of professional service providers.

Who can apply?

The film incentive program is available for both Saudi and international production companies.

Note: Government and semi-government companies are not eligible to apply for the program

What are the main requirements for cash rebate incentive?

Companies must meet the following requirements to qualify for cash rebate incentive:

  • A production company registered and licensed in Saudi Arabia, or a co-production agreement with a Saudi production company registered
  • Obtain a shooting permit in Saudi Arabia
  • Complete the incentive program application process and approvals
  • Meet the minimum qualifying expenditure (see below)
  • Proof of secured budget/financing of the project

Does the cash rebate incentives include pre-production, production and post production?


What is the minimum qualifying expenditure?

The minimum expenditure is as follows:

  • Fiction feature films: $200,000 per project
  • Documentaries: $50,000 per project
  • Animation: $50,000 per project

Is there a minimum number of production days?

Yes, the minimum number of production days to qualify for the cash rebate is 5 days.

What are the qualified expenditures for cash rebate?

The following expenditure are qualified for cash rebate:

  • Above the line expenses for Saudi crew such as producer, director, main cast, writers etc.
  • Below the line expenses for Saudi crew such as gaffers, production crew, technicians, set design etc
  • Above the line expense for non-Saudis, based on special conditions set by the Film Commission
  • Rental and production design expenses provided by local companies
  • Travel expenses by local Saudi carriers, including domestic and international flights
  • Insurance policies purchased by local insurance providers
  • Expenses of local consultants and industry experts
  • Other related local expenses

What are the excluded expenditures for cash rebate?

All the expenditure not mentioned above, including all out of kingdom expenses.