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Khairah forest

  • City:
  • Al Bahah
  • Region:
  • Bani Hasan
  • Terrain:
  • Green Spaces
  • Description

    Khaira Forest is located in Al-Baha region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, famous for heavy rainfall in winter and spring on its slopes and slopes; Which has earned it a wealth of wildlife and plantation. It has also a lot of fog and cold during the year. It is located in the province of Bani Hassan, which is located in the high mountains of the Sarawat,, in the northwest of the Al-Baha region, which is 10 km away, in the province of Bani Hassan near King Fahd Hospital, and above it is the village of Khaira. The name of the village is derived from the many bounties and abundance of water it enjoys. The forest contains a large percentage of juniper, acacia and wild olive trees. It is also inhabited by doves and partridge birds.

    Recommended Months:

    around the year