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AlTifayhe House

  • City:
  • Hail
  • Region:
  • Mawqaq
  • Terrain:
  • Villages
  • Description

    Altifayhe House is an ancient house built in 1381. This house is located in Talat Al-Nusour in Hail. Also there is a mosque next to this old house that has collapsed long time ago. As for the interior description, it is considered a large house. There are indications of the generosity of its owner, as there is more than one place to set fire for the guests, as guest rooms, and the ceiling of this house is very high than others. There are two sections in the first part, as it appears that it is for receiving guests, and the other section is isolated, in which there are six rooms of similar shape and size. There is also a large courtyard in this section and in the corner there is the kitchen for this house. As for the area in which this house is located, it is an attractively diverse area with sand, valleys and mountains.

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