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The list included here is for some of the most prominent local companies influential in the film industry. Here you can find the right service provider for any stage of production required for your project.


Data of service providers in the film industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been provided for the purpose of facilitating the finding of the various service providers for users of the site and this is not a recommendation by the Film Commission, and the Film Commission disclaims responsibility for any dealings, contract or agreement that may arise between users of the site and service providers, and about the contents of those sites or the services and products offered by them, or through their contractors

Daw Production house is a full service production company, experienced in the production of short cinematic films, promotional, ADS corporate, documentary.. etc.
Services include: full Production services, creative idea, pre production, production & post production.

Production services +966 50 9998777 | +966 54 2110417 Operates in: Riyadh

A Saudi company specializing in visual production and digital marketing, established in 2012. It has several award-winning films and participated in training university students.
Services include: production and implementation of dramatic, documentary and introductory films, digital marketing, advertising and marketing campaigns

Production / Marketing +966 55 5987474 Operates in: All Regions

EQEW Rental is a Saudi company that rent film and video equipment with a highly talented and experienced crew, passionate about supporting filmmakers, advertisements and series locally and globally.

Production / Marketing +966 54 9777882 Operates in: All Regions

Services include: Ad Campaigns, Awareness programs, Marketing Research, Media Buying.

Marketing services +966 59 4687538 Operates in: All Regions

A Saudi company specializing in the production of advertisements, short films and documentaries, from A (processing the idea) to Z (the final output).
Services include: TVC, Documentaries and short films.

Production services +966 56 0287771 Operates in: Riyadh

The leading animation studio in the Middle East.
Services include: Animation, VFX, Post-Production services

VFX and Animation services <br> Operates in: All Regions

RGB started in 2014 worked in many projects locally and internationally related to films and commercials.
Services include: pre-production, directors, art team, producing, writing,editing, coloring.

Production services +966 59 8066854 Operates in: Riyadh, Makkah, Jazan, Al Ula

Telfaz11 is a creative media studio with offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE specializing in locally-relevant entertainment content from the Middle East.
Services include: Producing: Feature films, Short films and Documentaries, Digital original content, Digital/TV Commercials.

Production services +966 11 2402004 Operates in: Riyadh

Tri Co , have been a marketing solutions provider since 2012 such as Digital Marketing, Production services, Public Relations, Creative Content, Graphic Design services.

Marketing and Production and Distribution services +966 11 4404454 Operates in: All Regions

Saudi based production company focused on the quality of advertising visuals , we're specialised in executing TV Commercials ( TVC ) using the highest production standards، founded by Raz Holding Group Co, in 2014.
Services include: TVC” television commercial”, short film production, Documentaries.

Production / Marketing +966 55 3890232 Operates in: All Regions

Founded in 2014, Holam is specialized in providing all necessary services for media production from SM commercials, TVCs to TVshows. Their services extend from ideation and conceptualization to execution and operations on ground. Holam production provides all solutions for audio and video production & entertainment operations. We provide creative thinking out of the box ideas and solutions. We are the go-to name to make your ideas become a reality.

Production services +966 50 5522281 Operates in: All Regions

Gray Fox provides multitalent and management for all types of media from films,commercials, TV shows, TV series, theatre, live shows, fashion shows, etc. of different age groups and nationalites, male and female.

Production / Marketing +966 54 3883782 Operates in: Western, Central and Eastern Region

At Qomra Production, we offer the result of the peoplewho are passionate about light, lenses & stories, we do that with a Saudi spirit and modern ideas. offering solutions to our customers that we are proud to serve them over 15 years and story shall continue.
Services include: Creating ideas and scenarios, Providing equipment and production team, Providing visual solutions for the content industry, Organizing media courses and events, Film making, Integrated production of audio and visual content.

Production services +966 54 4420385 Operates in: All Regions

Specialized in producing programs and films, comprehensive marketing solutions, communications services and advanced media production. We are working on solid foundations, starting with the careful study and analysis of the data of each project, and then proceeding to building a plan with detailed objectives and key performance indicators, thanks to our systematically designed work.Fast and efficient, which gives our customers the best results.

Production services +966 55 9006009 Operates in: All Regions

Manga Productions is a subsidiary company of Mohammed bin Salman “MiSK” Foundation. It focuses on producing animations, developing video games and comics with creative and positive content targeting all different local and international groups of society to inspiring the heroes of tomorrow.

VFX and Animation services +966 11 2031818 Operates in: Riyadh

Creative production studio focuses on modern and new ideas and is keen to present it with a competing production view that meets the client requirements and entertains the target audience.

Production services +966 50 9456833 Operates in: Western, Central and Eastern Region

A Saudi production company established in 1988, Subsidery of MBC Studio specialized in Audio-visual and creative dramatic content.

Production services +966 12 6988080 Operates in: All Regions

Video marketing agency helping business & brands achieve their goals with video. Services include: Our specialty is to visualize your vision and needs in an innovative way throughout attractive motion graphics and Animated Video which designed by our creative team.

Production / Marketing +966 56 0030577 Operates in: All Regions

7th Dream Films was founded in 2012. It operates with an agile and dynamic methodology to tell compelling and authentic stories.
Services provided: Film production, service production, local producing, fixing, IP creation & management, film distribution, marketing & promotion. Documentary production.

Marketing and Production and Distribution services +966 56 1992266 Operates in: All Regions

A company specializing in the implementatio n of musical identities, film music, advertisemen ts and all music production services.
services provided: Music production in all its services and stages.

Music Production +966 54 0833833 Operates in: Riyadh

Eskelah promises to turn your visions to striking visual productions and provide creative digital marketing concepts. We work tirelessly to produce extraordinary solutions that breathe unique life into your brand.
Services provided: Pre Production, Production, and Post Production.

Production services +966 56 7173705 Operates in: Jeddah - Riyadh

We build narratives on tension points that spark conversations within the brand core, putting customer insight at the heart of the creative process.
Services provided: Film production and Marketing and creative services.

Production / Marketing +966 55 5720720 Operates in: Riyadh

Creative campaigns driven by performance, bringing you closer to you customers one campaign at a time.
Services provided: Creative Campaigns, Production, Marketing performance

Marketing services +966 53 5001770 Operates in: Riyadh

Saudi company specializes in the awareness and education sectors through communication and engagement solutions. It was a part of the success for more than 100 clients in various sectors.
Services provided: Motion Graphic/Animation Production, Video Production, and Educational and Awareness Solution.

Production services +966 59 6406058 Operates in: All Regions

Lampaah is a creative/marketing agency that offers innovative marketing ideas to achieve client’s objectives.
Services provided: Creative Campaigns from creating the concept to execution, Creative Content creation, and Production

Production / Marketing +966 59 9200482 Operates in: Riyadh

Since its creation in Jeddah 12 years ago, Made In Saudi Films helped telling the stories in all forms of production and content, to inspire, provoke and entertain millions of people around the MENA region.
Services provider: Full pledged production house specialized in filming TVCs from pre-production to production and post production.

Production services +966 56 4050494 Operates in: All Regions

Established in 2008 Worked on and filmed 3 feature films , produced over 270 commercials and over 70 documentaries plus total of 8 TV Series Produced 12 TV Show
Services provided: Film production equipments rental services and Film production (Commercial, Documentary, TV series)

Production services +966 56 6600071 Operates in: All Regions

Mashbak is a specialized creative marketing company that provides creative services and consultancy in identity, design and advertising campaigns. Mashbak is your integrated creative partner, developing creative solutions that connect, inspire and influence.
Services provided: pre- production, Concept development, Project management.

Pre Production and Marketing services +966 55 1020949 Operates in: All Regions

Enriching the lives of Saudis, Arabs and the World via Documentaries, Feature Films and Short Films. Showing the true nature, richness, heritage and variety of Saudi Arabia and its People. Having a positive impact Creating jobs, new skills and partnerships for the good of all.
Services provided: Production Service: Location scouting/Casting/ Filming Equipment/, Logistics/ Green Chroma Studio / Costume & Props House. Post production Services: inclusive of a sound recording studio.

Production services +966 54 1484445 Operates in: All Saudi regions, GCC, and Jordan

We are an award-winning production company working on productions around the world with clients ranging from Google to Aramco as well as working in Hollywood productions like The Martian 2011.
Services provided: Idea generation to concept lock, Pre Production, Productiom, Post Production

Production services +966 54 6129109 Operates in: Jeddah - Riyadh - Dammam

Pure equipment rental house , We cater to all needs to produce all of Media

Equipment rental and professional Crew +966 50 2675534 Operates in: All Saudi regions, GCC Jeddah - Riyadh - Dammam

A Saudi company that is specialized in media and production.

Rebate lending, Production Logistics & Facilities, VIP Meet & Greet and TV program Production. +966 55 8813076 Operates in: All Regions Jeddah - Riyadh - Dammam

Alsarid Films is a production services company with speciality in film & tv productions.

Production Services, Prop House, Casting & training for actors +966 11 2156000 Operates in: All Regions Riyadh Province, and most of northern provinces.