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Castel of Hatim Al-Tai

  • City:
  • Hail
  • Region:
  • Hail
  • Terrain:
  • Historical sites
  • Description

    Only fifty-five kilometers separates the village of Turan from the city of Hail.. This village lies between the banks of a valley deep in the northwestern foothills of Jabal Aja.. Turans fame goes back to the most famous Arab horse, Hatim Al-Tai, who lived in those homes and immortalised his trace through history .how not when it struck the Arabs with it. Also, his palace was on the ancient road of Arab travel and was a destination for travellers hoping for comfort from their travels, especially in the winter season, as there is a path for camels that reach the palace to carry on it firewood, which was used to warm the guests, as it was a palace intended for people and travelers from inside and outside the region.

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