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Tabuk castle

  • City:
  • Tabuk
  • Region:
  • Tabuk
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  • Description

    The archaeological citadel of Tabuk is one of the stations of the Levantine pilgrimage route that connects Sham and the Hijaz. It consists of castles and stations to receive pilgrims. It starts from the center of Halat Ammar in the city of Tabuk to Medina. This castle dates back to 967 AH / 1559 AD, and it was restored during the reign of Sultan Muhammad IV, when renovations were made to the ceramic tiles that still exist at the entrance to the castle, then it was completely restored and renewed again during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed bin Muhammad in the year 1259 AH / 1844 AD, and a special inscription was placed in the mihrab of the mosque for this anniversary, then the castle was renovated in the Saudi era in 1370 AH / 1950 AD, and comprehensive restorations were made in 1413 AH / 1992 AD, by the Agency for Antiquities and Museums at the Ministry of Education Previously.

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